Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Cute Kid, Craft Fair Ramblings, and New Hats

It's been awhile, huh? Life is busy, that's all I have to say for myself. Moving on!

My child gets more and more amazing every day. Seriously, she learns something new every day and it's incredible to watch. She talks nonstop. I only understand about 5% of it, but it is the sweetest sound. She has taken an interest in animals over the past month and can tell you that a cow says "mmmm", duck says "cackcack" (she seems to have forgotten this one lately, though), monkey says "hehe", cat says "yow", lion says "aagghhh" and horse says "nnnneeh". This video is from a few weeks ago when she only knew the first three.

I participated in my third and final craft fair a couple of weeks ago. It was a two day event, which was tiring. I didn't feel like such a rookie this time and organizing and setting up went a lot smoother. I tried to create levels on my tables to mix it up a bit, but it still needs more. I got a lot of ideas from looking at other booths and plan try some new things at the next one.

My Dad was in charge of the signs...

I've been working on some new hat designs lately that I'm pretty excited about. My two favorite people make good models :)

The pictures aren't at the best angle to show off the hat, but K loves her new sock monkey hat. I was putting on my shoes yesterday to go out and get the mail and she pointed to her hat laying on the counter and patted her head. She did it again later that day, so I know it wasn't a coincidence. She's such a smart little thing!