Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wonder Woman Costume

I finally finished K's Halloween costume. I would like to tell you that it was fun and easy and quick, but I'd be lying. In theory, it should have been all of those things, but I had to redo almost every part of this costume due to some small problem or another. I'm just really relieved that it's done and I'm super proud of how it turned out!

Warning to all family members...if you want to see her in her costume for the first time in person, don't read any further!

Here it is!!

I could just die from the cuteness.

 I made the headband like the Cinderella one on Make It and Love It here.

I made the wrist bands and belt using the same concept, except that they attach with metal snaps so she can't rip them off :)

The top was a "make it up as I go along" project for sure. I cut a rectangular piece out of a knit shirt and used stitch witchery to hide the raw edges. I put 3 metal snaps on the back so it would be easy to get on. Then I tried it on her and it fell off. Oops. So I went back in and put a piece of elastic along the top seam to make it tighter. Perfect!

I printed the Wonder Woman symbol off the internet, traced it onto Heat-n-Bond, and ironed it onto the shirt. I sewed clear bra straps onto it to make sure it stayed up when she's crawling.

I made the bottom part from a diaper cover that came with a skirt and appliqued white stars all over it. The "boots" are a pair of socks from Target. I cut about an inch off the top, then added a strip of white knit fabric along the top and a stripe along the front.

I made her golden lasso (that makes men tell the truth, apparently) by braiding several strands of gold yarn together.

And there you have it - the cutest Wonder Woman ever!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Crazy-haired Artist

In case you're wondering where she gets her uncontrollable hair and squinty-eyed, cheesy grin from, here's a picture of Nick at her age (13 months):

Saturday, October 23, 2010


We took K on her first trip to the zoo today. She was in the best mood all day, smiling and laughing. I think she really liked it!

"Look, Mama! A cow!"

I think the cow may have been her favorite part. She's fascinated by cows lately and when you ask her what a cow says, she says "mmmmmmmm." Adorable.

I was a little disappointed that she didn't get excited over the monkeys. These were the only monkeys they had (it's a small zoo) and I guess they really didn't look like any monkeys she's ever seen. She liked watching them, she just wasn't impressed.

She was too busy flirting with a little boy to notice this cougar...

She liked the tiger statue.

This last one is my favorite picture of the day. Love this girl!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Giggles

K has been such a giggle box lately. You never know what's going to send her into a fit of laughter. Peekaboo and "this little piggy" are a guaranteed hit. In this video, I was blowing kisses to her and she thought that was hilarious. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick and Easy Removable Pillow Covers

Decorative pillows are so easy to make. If you ever want a quick, satisfying project, go make some new pillows or recover some old ones.

I always make my pillow covers removable. It's how my Granny taught me how to do it years ago and since I'm the queen of spilling things, it's nice to be able to just throw the cover in the washing machine.

I made these pillows as part of my sister-in-law's living room makeover. Isn't this fabric she found amazing?

Here's my quick tutorial on how to make your own removable pillow covers:

First, cut out your pieces. Your front piece should measure 1/2" more than your pillow measurement to allow for a 1/4" seam allowance. My pillows were 14" square, so I cut my front piece 14.5" x 14.5". For the back, you'll need 2 pieces. Mine were 14.5" x 10.5".

Next up, you need to hem each of the back pieces where they will overlap. I ran across this blog post right before making these and I definitely think it makes hemming go a little faster. I didn't bother to make a template like she did, but even just marking my hem lines with a ruler made it easier.

I started by marking a 1/2" from the edge, folding it over on my line, then ironing it down.

Next, mark and fold your fabric over 1.5". Pin and sew.

Repeat with the other back piece and you're ready to put it all together.

Lay your front piece down, right side up. Lay one back piece on top, right side down, with the hemmed side toward the middle of the front piece.

Take the other back piece and lay it, right side down, with the hemmed side toward the middle. It should overlap the first back piece. Pin and sew all the way around.

I forgot to take a picture of this last part, but next you need to clip your corners (read this great blog post) and zig-zag stitch around each of the 4 sides to help cut down on fraying.

Now for my favorite part! Turn that baby inside out (I use a crochet hook or pencil to help get the corners looking good) and stuff a pillow inside. Sit back and admire your new pillows!

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