Sunday, August 22, 2010

Owl Applique

I've been busy sewing stuff for K's birthday lately. I'm finally getting around to taking some pictures so that I can share them. This one is my favorite so far.

Owls must be the popular thing right now because I keep seeing them everywhere. Shirts, softies, fabric, stamps, you name it. Inspired by some adorable owl corduroy at Joanns, I decided to make an owl applique shirt.

I searched for owl pictures and found one that I loved. Then I copied and pasted it into a word document and enlarged it. I wanted to off-set the pocket at the top, so instead of tracing my image backwards onto my heat-n-bond like you're supposed to, I just traced it normally so that I would end up with the reverse image.

I used different types of scrap fabric to add texture. The eyes,feet, and wings are knit, the leaves are flannel, the body and branch are cotton, the beak is fleece, and the head is from an old pair of comfy knit dress pants.

I also made K a pair of pants from the same old gray knit pants. I used the existing hem and outside seam, so I was able to finish them in about 10 minutes.

The owl shirt was definitely a labor of love, since it took awhile to cut out, place, iron, and sew down all of those little owl pieces. But I'm really pleased with it and I can't wait for her to wear it next summer.

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  1. How adorable! That has to be the cutest outfit of the year.

  2. Such a darling outfit! Would you link this to our fabric tuesday party tomorrow?

  3. i love it!
    i'm so into owls right now :)
    and i love that you re-purposed some old clothes .... that's the best!

    (came from quiltstory :) )

  4. How cute it that outfit! Thanks so much for linking up! We hope you see you back on tuesday's with more projects!

  5. I love owls and am making a whole set of owl-themed baby items for my baby hope chest! What a great idea to take a picture you found and turn it into an adorable applique for your daughter. It is so it! :)