Monday, July 26, 2010

Monkey Dress

I found this great monkey fabric remnant at Joanns a few weeks ago. Cost me a whopping 65 cents*. I knew it'd be perfect in this dress by From An Igloo.

This worked up pretty quickly and, as always, Christine's tutorial was fabulous and easy to follow. I only made two changes:

1. I didn't have enough of my monkey fabric to cut 2 strips 40" long, so I only cut one. This wouldn't have worked out for a larger dress, but it was perfect for 9-12 months size.

Drool queen

2. I didn't shir the back. I really, really wanted to. I spent 2 days (not kidding) trying every way I could think of to get my machine to work with the elastic thread. I watched shirring videos and read blog posts and forums, but I just couldn't get it to work. There was no way I was scrapping the dress, so I decided to sew in 2 pieces of 1/4" elastic on the top and bottom of my back bodice. If you're going to do it this way, it's better to only cut your back bodice piece by 1.5x your needed width instead of 1.75x like she suggests. It was not easy stretching the elastic that much.

Even though I cut my elastic to be the exact width of her back, it still turned out to be a little loose. Not a big deal, since the straps go through a buttonhole in the back and can be adjusted easily.

I can easily see her being able to wear this for the rest of the summer, this fall with a light cardigan, and probably next year as a shirt. Not too shabby for 65 cents (the brown fabric was a freebie from my Granny)!

*Did you know that at Joanns you get 50% off the current price per yard? That means, if you find a remnant from fabric that is on sale for $3/yard, you get that remnant for $1.50/yard. I found out the day I bought this and since then I've gotten a couple of really good deals on remnants.

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