Monday, May 17, 2010

No-Sew Fleece Blanket and Ghostbusters Cake

My baby sister turned 16 yesterday.  Someone please tell me how in the world she's 16 already?!

I made her this easy, no-sew fleece blanket to take along with her on her church trips this summer. Since she'll mostly be using as a lap blanket in the church van, I only used 1.5 yards and it ended up almost square. K helped, of course.

She asked for a Ghostbusters cake, so hubby and I teamed up to make her an awesome cake. This was my first experience decorating a cake with fondant. It was really, really messy. At one point, I was afraid moving was going to be the only solution to ever having a clean kitchen again.

My husband drew the Ghostbusters symbol with icing markers/writers. I have zero artistic ability, so needless to say this would not have turned out nearly as good if it wasn't for him.

 Meanwhile, I cut rectangles out of premade black fondant to create a skyline around the sides of the cake.

Who ya gonna call?


  1. LOVE the cake! It make me laugh!

  2. Wow, this is an amazing cake. You and your husband make a great team! I bet your sister loved it.


  3. That cake, I love it!! My son just discovered Ghostbusters and he would love that cake for his birthday. Awesome!!!

    Stopping over from Sew Much Ado we did it Wednesday.