Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5 Generations

This past weekend we were lucky enough to celebrate my great-grandmother's 90th birthday. K is her first great-great-grandchild and they share the same middle name (K was actually named after 3 of her great-great-grandmothers and 3 great-grandmothers), so needless to say, Grandma thinks K is pretty special. Here are a few (weirdly shadowed) pictures of the two of them taken at her party.

And just for fun, here are a couple of the 5 generations pictures we took when K was 7 weeks old.

Look how much K has changed! There's a big difference between 7 weeks and 7 months, huh?

Wordless Wednesday: Monkey Feet

K likes to use her feet as an extra set of hands...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great Deal on Wool Longies!

A couple of weeks ago I read this post by Suburban Saving Mama about 100% cashmere wool pants for only $12.99 (reg. $65!), plus a code for free shipping, from Lands' End. I washed and lanolized the smaller pair I got and K has been wearing them at night over her BumGenius for backup leak protection and I let her wear them yesterday over a fitted. They are a 12 months size, so they're still really huge on her, but I wanted her to be able to wear them for awhile.

This is the first pair of longies I've ever bought, so I'm not sure how they compare to other brands, but you certainly can't beat the price! They still have some on their website, too, if you want them!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Batman! And a Two-Tier Ruffly Skirt

In keeping with my husband's love of comic book related shirts and my love for making K cute little ruffly skirts, I whipped up this outfit.

I made the Batman logo using heat-n-bond and t-shirt scraps, then stitched it to the onesie around the edges for extra security.

The skirt is a two-tier ruffly (I'm pretty sure this is a made up word, but I'm going with it) skirt made from an old t-shirt. I'm now obsessed with making knit skirts this way...who doesn't like free material?? I got the idea for it after seeing a two-tier skirt at Wal-Mart.

Instead of hemming, I used a tight zig-zag stitch while stretching the fabric to make it even rufflier (Again, I'm sorry...I blame it on my husband who loves to make up words when we're playing Scrabble. It's contagious.) I didn't like the proportions on my first try, so I fiddled with it. I ended up getting the look I wanted, but I also ended up with a mini skirt...

Good thing she's got the legs to pull it off ;)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photo Frame Refashion

3 of my favorite pictures from K's 6 month photo shoot were close-up, black and white pictures. I really wanted a nice way to display these together, but didn't want to spend a fortune on frames. Then I remembered three 10x10 black frames I had from my college apartment, each with 4 picture openings.

So I went to work with my x-acto knife and quilting ruler and cut the inside matting off, leaving me with a perfect 8x8 mat. I used GIMP to make the pictures an 8x8 size, printed them, put them in the frames, and voila!

I hung them on the only open wall in my kitchen. I'm embarrassed to say that we've been living in our house for over a year and I've never bothered to decorate it. But I'm really happy with this. It's an instant mood-brightener :)
See those crooked pipes? That's what you get when you live in a 96 year old house. It makes up for those quirky things with loads of charm, though.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tips for Making Rice Cereal

I finally figured out how to make smooth, pureed rice cereal! The first time I made it, it was clumpy and really gross, but I was determined to try one more time. Here's what worked for me:

1. Ground rice in blender in 1/2 to 1 cup increments. It takes a couple of minutes, but make sure it turns into a fine powder.
2. Break out your rice maker and cook your rice powder according to the rice maker's instructions.
3. Place cooked rice (mine was a huge solid chunk and looked like really lumpy mashed potatoes) back into your blender. Add water or breastmilk/formula and blend until smooth. I left mine pretty thick and plan to just thin it out with a little milk or fruit when she's ready to eat it.

Anyone have any other helpful tips for making baby food?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Upcycled Knit Skirt

Remember this skirt I made for my niece's 2nd birthday? Well, I finally got around to making one for K.

My mom bought K a Spiderman onesie since my husband loves superheroes and comic books and such. And K really does get excited every time she sees this shirt, oddly enough. She's definitely her Daddy's girl :)

Anyway, she obviously needed a matching skirt to dress up that boyish shirt. Obviously. So, since I'm totally in love with upcycling, I made her one using one of my husband's old t-shirts.

The shirt was an XL and measured approximately 25 inches across. I cut a 4" x 24" piece for the top tier and two 6.5" x 24" pieces for the bottom tier. This work perfectly to make a 6-9 months sized skirt that measured 8 inches in length when finished. To save time, I cut the bottom tier pieces along the hem of the shirt so that I wouldn't have to hem it.


The t-shirt material was so easy to work with and made a great fitting, comfy skirt...and it was free!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: 6 month photo shoot

A few of K's 6 month/Easter pictures taken by our very talented friend, Debbie.

Pictures with a stuffed bunny since the real one was afraid of her...

I love her crazy hair in this one.

This might be the only time she's ever looked like her Daddy...

She's bad about closing her eyes when you take her picture, but it made for a cute picture this time.

LOVE these black & white close-up shots. She captured those sweet baby details.

A few other favorites:

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fabric Easter Egg Tutorial

I'm not sure if anyone else was aware of this, but they don't sell baby-friendly Easter eggs. All of the Easter eggs I found said 3+, which seems a little ridiculous, but whatever. So, in a last minute effort to fill my daughter's Easter basket (and after seeing this cute idea for an Easter shirt), I came up with fabric Easter eggs. Basically just 2D Easter egg-shaped softies that K* could safely chew on.

This is a great project for using up your fabric, ribbon, rick-rack, and other sewing scraps. Easy, quick, cheap, and fun!

Start by copying this Easter egg coloring page, pasting it into a Word document, and scaling it down to the size you want. Then, using your egg pattern, cut two out of your fabric. If you want to add decoration (ribbon, rick-rack, etc), pin it to the right side of your fabric and sew it on.

Pin the 2 pieces together, right sides facing and sew together, leaving about a 1 inch opening.

Trim down your seam allowance (see picture below) or clip your corners/rounded edges (no picture of this, sorry!). I did this both ways and found that clipping edges every 1/2 inch or so made the eggs look better.

Turn right side out and stuff. I used the end of my seam ripper to help stuff the egg.

To close the hole, I loosely followed this tutorial. By my last egg, I finally got the hang of it and the closure was pretty much unnoticeable!

They're perfect for little hands...and mouths!

* In previous posts, I've been referring to my daughter as Monkey, which was inspired by her deep love for monkeys. Seriously, the child gets crazy excited when she sees one. But it's getting a little confusing since we don't actually ever call her that, so I'm going to just start calling her "K" and avoid naming any future children with a name that starts with a K.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Kiddie Pool Love

Monkey got to play in her new kiddie pool for the first time today and she loved it!

She got to wear my old bathing suit. There's just something cool about that.

Don't let these innocent, sitting still pictures fool you...she learned pretty quickly how to splash and get me and everything else around us soaking wet :-)