Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Love...

I love the way you smile at me in the morning.

I love how you sign "milk" to me when you're hungry. The hungrier you are, the faster you sign :)

I love how excited you get when you see a monkey.

I love your sweet little laugh. I can't help but laugh right along with you.

I love seeing you play with your Daddy. 

I love watching you learn new things, like rolling over, sitting up, and (panic!) trying to crawl.

I love seeing you wiggle and grin with excitement when it's time for your bath at night.

I love nursing you before bedtime. You smell so yummy from your bath and when you're done you love to cuddle against my chest and rock. Some nights I have a hard time putting you down.

I love watching you sleep in your "papoose." I'm so proud of you for learning to sign it already. You're such a smart girl!

Most of all, I love being your mama. You bring me more joy than you'll ever know.

1 comment:

  1. I Loved your "I Love" blog! My favorite time is at night right after I feed my baby and he wants to snuggle up against me and rock. It's hard for me to put him down too :)